The End of High School

The End of High School

I’ve just started my second year at university with the realisation that high school has come to an end…
(P.S. As an introduction, it might be quite weird, but believe me, there’s actually a logic in what you’re about to read…)

A few days ago I’ve watched the movie “Paper Town“.
I didn’t really like it that much, if I’m honest. The book was a million times better. However, it made me think about something I had never realised before. Ready for it?

This was my mystical realisation: I’ll never go back to high school anymore!

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A Fifth of a Century…

So…last week I turned 20…and I don’t feel it at all!!!

I’ve never been a “birthday” person.
I never liked the idea of celebrating a birthday nor throwing a party to let other people know that you’re slowly getting old
I know, it’s a bit of a pessimistic vision, but that’s the way I am.

Of course, I do get it when you’re a kid: you eat loads of cake and sweet, receive amazing presents, get your face painted or do whatever kids may wish for their birthday nowadays… But I still don’t get it once you start growing up.
Don’t get me wrong, I might even fancy the idea of doing something on my birthday, but the point is that I do not understand why I should do it “just because it’s my birthday”. If I would actually want to do anything special, the only thing I need is to be in the mood and to have the will to do it.

Take last week, for example.
I turned 20 and I didn’t do anything special to celebrate it. I didn’t throw a party, I didn’t get drunk nor I asked for any presents… It might sound really sad or depressing, but the fact is… I didn’t want to do any of that stuff.

The only thing I did for my birthday was to go out with lunch at Five Guys, which makes the best cheeseburgers and chips in the world, but I could have easily done it at any other day of the year. I do not need to wait for my birthday to treat myself to a Five Guys cheeseburger!

Maybe it’s just because I simply can’t understand how the whole concept of “age” works. I just see my age increasing on the paper, while I don’t feel like getting old at all!
I mean, consider 20: it’s 1/5 of a century…
Nevertheless, I still feel like I’m 16 years old and sometimes feel the need of acting like one, except I feel like I can’t because I remind myself that I’m not 16 anymore…I’m 20.

Plus, sometimes I find myself thinking that these 20 years passed really quickly and I really haven’t done anything I feel as incredibly remarkable and I start wondering whether the next 20 years will fly as well and what will I do when I’ll realise that another 20 years have passed and I’ll already be 40 years old…
Will I be married? Will I have kids? Will I have a nice house and a nice car? Will I have accomplished everything I wanted to do when I was 20? Will I have brought to life all my secret project that required time and money to complete?

Who knows… I guess I’ll answer all these questions in 20 years…


Movember 2016

I’ve always wanted to get involved in some charity campaign…
Now I finally did!

This year  I decided that I wanted to get involved l7nlpzs5in some charitable project. Since it is the first time I collaborate properly with a charity, I thought growing  a beard or a moustache would be quite an “easy process” to start with.

So, my flatmate Rubab and I decided to join the Movember campaign to try raise money to sensitise the public opinion towards some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and poor mental health.

We are perfectly aware that we are not going to raise a considerable amount of money since we are just two normal university student, who do not have many followers on social medias and are cannot make a massive difference.

However, it is for a good cause and we think that even the smallest amount of money might still be useful and help this.

If anybody would like to be involved or donate even a small amount of money, you are very welcome to do so!

You can donate any amount of money either via my personal profile or using the group profile we set up.

Start #DoSomething

Here we are again… Another useless and pointless attack.
This time it was Orlando.

Right now all social networks are full of hashtags such as PrayforOrlando or IamwithOrlando. People tend to share them to show their reaction against these events and their sympathy towards those who have been affected by these terrible events.

Some people just follow the trend and share it to have likes and their five minutes of popularity, although they don’t even know what has happened in Orlando.

I used to be one of those who shared the hashtag to show my sympathy, but in this occasion I am not going to. Not because I do not believe in the power of social networks, but for a much simpler reason: I don’t think Prayforsomething is the solution anymore.

I just realised that it is not a matter of praying since the solution to these attack is not up in the sky or in the hands of whatever God you believe in, but it is here, among normal people. It is time to stop praying and to start doing something.

The real problem is that we live in a world where everybody wants their opinion to prevail over the others, even if this means to take up arms and have no respect for the rest of the world.

There are still some people who want to force us to believe in their god or try to teach us that love is something which should only happen between a man and a woman.

I have always asked myself what is the difference between every religion: if there is a god or any other Higher Spirit, I am sure their only concern is that people love each other and live happily until the day they die.
If this is true, I think that the only thing that makes each god different to one another is the way we call him. One god with several names based upon different cultures…why do people find it so hard to believe?

Also what is the difference between a man and a woman, who love each other, and two people of the same-sex, who love each other?
What is the difference between Love and…Love?

People still prefer to fight against each other, rather than talking and finding solutions simply because no-one has ever earned a living through conversations.

We should stop praying and start talking to each other.



Stories of a Driving License Possessor


Not all the Driving License Possessors should be called Drivers…

I got my driving license in October and since then I have fallen in love with Driving.

I really like the idea of sitting behind a steering wheel and driving from A to B.
I guess it’s all about feeling independent and being able to go wherever I want without having to ask for a lift.

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How to choose University

This is going to have many results...

You only have to think about what you would like to do in the future…that’s what they said!

The last year of high school is something everybody waits for. Even I have.
It is the year in which you are supposed to do everything perfectly: every test,every exam,every homework,every grade…

But it is also the year in which you have to face a very important choice: what university should I go to?
The biggest problem that everybody has to deal with is indecision:What is the right faculty for me? What do I want to do after university?

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