Volunteer Expo Milano 2015

Expo Passport MIlan 2015

Is it possible to visit the entire world in just one place?

Everything began on the 21st August.
Well,to be honest,everything began on December 2014,when I first heard about the Volunteer Project of Expo Milan 2015 and I decided to submit my request to take part in this amazing project(which was also on my Bucket List)

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If there was an award for the “shortest night sleep”, I would probably be an excellent candidate.


I got home at 1.30am after an amazing 18th birthday party and finished packing at 2.30am. This meant I had about an hour and a half to take off my dinner jacket,brush my teeth,have a quick nap,wear another suit and jump in the car to get to the airport.

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Holiday in Alicante

“Lo que pasa en Alicante, se queda en Alicante”

Day 1:
18th July
As I woke up at 4am after a 3 hours sleep,I began wondering why I had chosen a 2 week holiday in Alicante.
Of course,it is an amazing city,but I wasn’t really excited at the idea of attending a course to improve my Spanish,even if it was only a 4 hours a day.

These thoughts kept haunting me even at the airport,but as soon as I got onto the plane those feelings disappeared and,after a two hours flight, I eventually landed in Alicante.

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