Bucket List

Bucket List:
A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

  1. Do A Bungee jump;
  2. Go Ziplining;
  3. Skydive;
  4. Visit London;
  5. Visit New York;
  6. Visit Washington DC;
  7. Travel to California;
  8. Travel to India;
  9. Travel to Japan;
  10. Travel to Canada;
  11. Travel from Milan to London by car;
  12. Travel across Africa on a Land Rover;
  13. Travel across South America on a Land Rover to visit Bolivia, Colombia, Uruguay and Cuba;
  14. Travel across the U.S. from coast to coast;
  15. Travel along the Pan-American highway;
  16. Visit all 7 continents:Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, EuropeNorth America and South America;
  17. Stand on the Equator;
  18. Visit the Amazon Rainforest;
  19. See the Aurora Borealis;
  20. See cherry blossoms in Japan;
  21. See the Monna Lisa;
  22. Go on a Photo-Safari in Africa;
  23. Float in the Dead Sea;
  24. Hang from Toronto’s CN Tower;
  25. Travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway;
  26. See the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, the longest bridge in the world;
  27. Join the 300 Club;
  28. Take part in the Loony Dook;
  29. Sleep in an Ice Hotel;
  30. Experience zip lining;
  31. Walk on a tightrope or on a slackline in an unusual place;
  32. Spend 60 minutes in a Sensory Deprivation Tank;
  33. Volunteer at Expo;
  34. Experience an amazing Sunlight;
  35. Experience an amazing Sunset;
  36. Shower in a waterfall;
  37. Visit the Born Free Foundation Centre;
  38. Play with the lions;
  39. Run a marathon (42 km);
  40. Do a colour run;
  41. Do yoga;
  42. Do rowing;
  43. Go zorbing;
  44. Dance barefoot in the rain;
  45. Learn to dance;
  46. Learn Japanese;
  47. Learn to fly a plane;
  48. Learn to Windsurf;
  49. Dance in a “Silent Disco”;
  50. Take an Ice Bath;
  51. Go on a Segway;
  52. Fly on a Helicopter;
  53. Sleep on the beach;
  54. Go on a road trip with someone you love;
  55. Run a mile completely naked;
  56. Enter the Mile High Club;
  57. Fight for something you really care about;
  58. Fight against depression;

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