A piano is a fundamental piece of furniture, which should be present in every household.

Some of you may know that I’ve learnt to play guitar when I was quite young and I still play it every now and then. However, I’ve never told anybody that one of my biggest dreams is to learn to play the piano.  For this reason, I finally decided to buy one…

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while, but something always stopped me from actually buying one. I still remember going to the shop, but going back home with nothing because the model was no longer on sale. Things got even more complicated when I moved to London since my room was so tiny I didn’t even have any space to walk around.

However, on the first week of September, I finally moved into a bigger room, with an amazing view, a massive window and an empty space in front of it. Of course, the main problem of buying a piano is usually its cost, but thankfully technology now allows to buy digital pianos, which are much cheaper than acoustic ones, but very similar in quality and sound.

I was in love with a Yamaha model that sadly has been discontinued and replaced by a much more expensive model, which I can’t afford…
Nevertheless, I found a nice alternative with bench and headphones for a relatively cheap price and I officially decided it’s time to treat myself to a new instrument and to learn to play it decently.


It was delivered two days ago and the first thing you need to know is that despite being a digital piano… IT’S STILL WEIGHS A LOT!!!
In case you were considering to buy one, please make sure there’s at least two of you to build it and to move it around and DO NOT try to carry up a flight of stairs or build it on your own (like I did…) because you’ll end up ruining your spine completely.

However, once it’s assembled it gives a very nice touch to the room and you can start playing it right away, even if you live in a block of flats and have annoying neighbours.
In fact, the major advantage of a digital piano is that you can plug-in your headphones and practice even late at night, without disturbing anybody.
Other advantages are that it has several different sounds and sound effects, which make it really versatile, and also Bluetooth connectivity to link it to your iPad/tablet to use the Roland Piano Partner app.

Sometimes people consider the idea of buying a piano, but then they’re put off by its costs, its size and the idea that it would be useless to spend that amount of money just to play occasionally. All of this just because they have never even heard of digital pianos, which are much cheaper and smaller than acoustic ones and require no maintenance whatsoever.
Compared to traditional pianos, digital ones are totally unknown to some people who would “either have a proper piano or not have one at all“.
Of course considering exclusively the piano aspect, I can’t deny that traditional pianos are the best choice, but everything considered…who’d rather buy a very expensive 5″ black and white TV than a much cheaper 65″ flat screen SmartTV?


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