Before I start…

I honestly still have no idea what it was all about…

I usually don’t write film reviews. Mainly because I rarely go to the cinema, but also because I have never believed in film reviews since I might find amazing something that a friend of mine might consider dreadful.
However, this time I have to do it not just for the sake of talking about a film I’ve seen and not understood, but because I desperately need to check if anybody has any idea of what this movie was all about…
For this reason, if you’re reading this or you have seen the movie and have any clues about the plot or about something I’ve missed, please feel free to comment this post or contact me in any other way to make me understand this movie better.

Plot (No Spoilers)

Dylan Branson is a 29 year-old air-traffic controller, who gets suspended from his job after nearly causing a plane crash. On a night out, he meets a girl called Sarah and the two start getting along pretty well, even when she reveals him that she was a passenger of the plane which nearly crashed. The two fall in love with each others and realise they have many things in common, including their birthdays.
However, Dylan starts noticing that some elements start repeating themselves until 2:22 every single day, creating a sort of pattern, which always leads him to mentally visualise a 30 year old murder at Grand Central Station in New York.

173644_bd After investigating, Dylan realises that there are several similarities between his love story with Sarah and the one between the victims of the murder: Jake Redmond, Evelyn Mills and a police agent called Noah.
Throughout the movie, Dylan will try to solve the 2:22 mystery by figuring out what is the connection between the everyday pattern, both love stories and the murder at Grand Central.

Reasons why I still have no idea what it was about…

The main point here is… this movie was basically a smoothie with too many ingredients in it!

There were too many things squeezed into a single movie, which either remained unexplained or were totally irrelevant. Had they been spread throughout a trilogy or at least two movies, all those themes would have been perfectly fine, but in a single movie they were definitely too much.
Let’s put it this way: if any of you has read or seen The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons and Inferno by Dan Brown, you’ll perfectly know that sometimes the connection are not so easy to understand. Well, try to put all these three movies (with all their puzzles and riddles) together in a single movie and you’ll obtain 2:22: a massive riddle which has definitely too many elements in it, none of which is explained or relevant for the story.

For example, in a scene it is mentioned how the stars had a certain effect on what was happening since the starlight that we see from Earth might be the remain light of a star that already died several years ago, which is just visible because it takes time for the light to travel from where the star was to our planet. However, it is not clearly explained how the starlight had an influence in the re-enactment of events that already occurred 30 years before.


Another aspect that is not explained is the relevance of Dylan’s job: he says he decided to become an air-traffic controller because he was scared of flying and yet at the end of the movie he overcomes this fear without any apparent reason, proving how this aspect is totally irrelevant for the plot.

Although the love story is pretty ordinary (he loves her, but “the other” is jealous) and Dylan tries its best to bring the truth to life, I still haven’t figured out how both love stories work, despite being set within a 30 years difference. In fact, the exact same story happened 30 years before with different people, except the one occurring in the movie has different people in it, which (let’s face it…) makes it totally different!

The movie also gives no reason why the same pattern repeated itself every single day throughout the main character’s life. I mean we all get that he experienced the same events every day, but nobody explains why or how this happens, which turns a pretty good element of the movie in another totally pointless plot twist.

As I already mentioned, it could have been a pretty good saga with all the elements of a captivating scientific thriller, but unfortunately all these elements have been blended together in a single movie. The result is a very complicated plot, which leaves the viewers wondering whether the unbelievably confusing movie was worth the money they paid for the ticket.

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