Let’s Talk About… (Introduction)

I’ve always felt as if social media weren’t used enough to talk about serious topics, so I’m now trying to change this.

As we all know, social networks have this amazing ability to connect people all around the world, regardless of their age, nationality or cultural background.

We’re now used to consider social media mainly to share our pictures, connect with new people, post our opinions or laugh at something that happened recently.

However, I’ve always felt as if social media not used enough to discuss more serious topics or raise awareness about certain social issues.

Of course, people might be more interested in liking a video of several puppies swimming in a pool, rather than discussing the dark side of society and the negative experiences of someone they don’t even know, but I think it’s still important to talk about certain topics and share our thoughts, so that, whoever is reading or watching that content, will realise they are not the only one suffering of a certain problem or having a certain thought.

For this reason, I decided to launch Let’s Talk About, a brand new series on YouTube in which I’ll be exploring your opinions and thoughts about controversial topics such as bullying, terrorism and other social issues. In order to do so, I’ll be using the amazing power of social media: you will be able to interact and discuss these topics during one of my live shows on YouNow, where I’ll be collecting all your submissions, opinions and thoughts in order to discuss them in a video, which will then be uploaded here.

Hopefully this series will make people realise how important it is to talk about these issues, to eradicate wrong beliefs and to sympathise with anyone, who has been suffering from one of this issues.

After all, sharing knowledge and experiences is one of the most powerful ways of making this world a bit better every single day.


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