One of the song that was on the playlist was “Imagine” by John Lennon. That made me crack a smile, although it wasn’t a sign of happiness. It was more a sign of hope.

I woke up today and decided to have breakfast. I rarely do it, but I thought I might need extra energy for the day since the atmosphere would have been quite tense. Or at least I thought so.

I got out of my flat and started walking to the Tube station with my earphones in and music playing. One of the song that was on the playlist was “Imagine” by John Lennon. That made me crack a smile, although it wasn’t a sign of happiness. It was more a sign of hope.

Everything looked so normal. The same people were walking to go to work, the workers were still fixing the road and the children in uniform were still laughing on their way to school. As if nothing happened yesterday.

I got to the station and got on the train. Jubilee Line to Baker Street and then Bakerloo Line to Oxford Circus. I’ve been doing the same route almost every day for 6 months now and everything looked amazingly normal: kids talking to their mother, businessmen in their suits, people reading their Metro(although this time, the front page had pictures of the Westminster Bridge and the victims)…

Oxford Circus Tube Station was less busy than usual, but at the same time I could see Tfl personnel and some policemen walking around a checking that everything was going as usual. Even Oxford Street seemed empty without the usual crowd of people, desperate to get into a shop and buy some item of clothing…

I was quite surprised that everything was so normal only 24 hours after a man ran over several people on Westminster Bridge, crashed against the fence of the House of Commons and then stabbed a policeman while trying to enter the Houses of Parliament, before being killed by the police. At the moment, the number of the victims is 3 (attacker excluded) and several injured.C7l0aOhVsAIMgF3

The most amazing thing is that London doesn’t seem to have changed.

Of course, it’s not because it has already forgotten what had happened, but because it doesn’t want to let the terrorists think that they’ve won.
Among the encouraging messages released by Tfl in the station,
the one that became the most popular one was actually the only one that was discovered to be a fake. But despite this, people kept sharing it on Twitter and other social networks because it  perfectly reflected the subtle wit of the Londoners, who showed the world that diversity is their strength and nobody, not even terrorists, can take it away from them.
Strangers of every religion and race were helping each other yesterday on Westminster Bridge and today people are posting amazing pictures of London on social network, just to show how such a magnificent city won’t be defeated by terrorism and that, despite having been scarred, it will keep fighting terrorism in any way possible.


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