Let’s see what this #RedOut campaign is all about…

As I was uploading my weekly video on YouTube today, I saw that many videos were characterised by a red thumbnail with the words #RedOut in them.
So I started searching some information and here’s what I found about #RedOut…

What is #RedOut all about?

#RedOut is a campaign developed by Comic Relief for Red Nose Day 2017.
It aims at raising awareness towards young people in UK and Africa that are not able to access main services, such as healthcare or education. It also aims at sensitising the public opinion towards issues such as the traffic and abuse of young people.

Comic Relief also released a video on YouTube to better explain the #RedOut campaign

How does #RedOut work?

The campaign was taken up by many famous YouTube personalities, who agreed to stay off social medias for 24 hours to spread awareness about the campaign’s main objectives. Those who took part to #RedOut, uploaded a 7 seconds video on their channel showing the campaign’s hashtag.

Will it work?

Although this #RedOut only started a few hours ago, there have been some serious criticism to the campaign.
One of the main point that were raised was that staying off social media for 24 hours is not a way to spread awareness at all, since it does not allow people to share the message. Also many people claimed that just raising awareness is not enough for a campaign to be successful and that it should have been based more around developing different ways to make donations, rather than raising awareness only.

The “Other Side” of #RedOut

So far, it seems that this campaign has only damaged Youtubers’ reputation, whose #RedOut video has been hit with several unexpected “dislikes”.
However, at the same time this campaign has also proved a rather worrying general addiction to social media.
Many subscribers have expressed their complaints in the videos’ comment section because they didn’t have their “weekly video”, which lead to them “not knowing what to do that evening”, as if they had been forced to live their life in their bedroom just watching videos and updating social medias.

It seems then that #RedOut has had two very different effects on the public. So far, it has raised awareness towards several issues about young people and their difficulties in accessing healthcare and education, but also shown how some people are so addicted to social media, to the point where they would rather watch an entertaining video, rather than support a good cause.


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