I stayed at home today… and I wasn’t supposed to!

Yesterday, I did something I had never done before: I had a lie in.
Don’t get me wrong, I had them before, but not on a week day, while I was supposed to go to university…

That’s right! I just stayed in bed all morning doing absolutely nothing.
The weird thing is that I didn’t even do it because of any particular reason: I didn’t wake up too late, I had done all the exercises for my tutorial…
I even woke up early, but then I decided not to get out of bed.

I just felt like I needed to do it and I didn’t even feel that guilty about it. As I said, I had never done it before, so I treated myself to it for once!
I guess there must be some days in someone’s life in which the only thing you want to do is just lay in bed and do nothing. Some people have these kind of days every single day, while some others (like myself) have them sporadically.

Anyway I didn’t completely waste my time.
Of course, I spent most of the morning just laying in bed, but I also spent a few hours doing other things that I had been postponing for weeks, simply because I didn’t have time to do them.
It might be the first time I desperately needed this “lie in” day, but I feel quite confident that it wasn’t a bad thing at all and that there is absolutely nothing wrong in chillin’


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