End of February 2017

28 days have gone and it’s time to look back at what I did this month!

February was quite a relaxing month for me. I didn’t do anything particularly exciting or extreme, but it was still a very special month and those few events that occurred, were indeed very important!
Two birthdays, a new iPhone, a recurring number and a flight: these are the main ingredients of the February recipe!

First of all, the 4th February was my brother’s birthday and, although I was in London, I managed to wish him a happy birthday in one of my videos and also via FaceTime. I also managed to give him his birthday present 2 days ago, when I came back home for a week.

As far as the university is concerned, the marks for my essays and coursework were released and I have to admit that although I hoped they would be a little better, I was quite pleased with my results.

Then the biggest event of February was my 20th Birthday…
Sadly, I’m officially not a teenager anymore, which means I have no more excuses to act like a total idiot…
But I’m already looking for other excuses to do so, so don’t worry!
Also, since my flatmates knew I didn’t want a party, they simply surprised me by knocking on my door at midnight, giving me a cake and wishing me a happy birthday. Although I ended up going to sleep at 4am on a Monday, it was totally worth it!

On the plus side, I treated myself to a Five Guy lunch and this had a surprising impact on my mood that day… and I’m not talking about the amazing food I ate.
Basically, when I came to London in 2015 for my 18th birthday, I went to Five Guys for lunch and my order was number 39.
It was just quite surprising to see that two years later, on 20th February 2017 for my 20th birthday, my order was number 39, as well!!!
It’s only fair to say that this number has a really special role in my life…

As a birthday present, I decided to upgrade my iPhone 5, which was beginning to have a few problems with the battery and storage space, to an iPhone 6s with a red silicone cover. It’s very sexy.

Finally, I decided to come home for a week to hang out with my family and see a few friends. I flew home on 25th February in a surprisingly empty flight…
Basically I had about 6 seats all to myself!

Generally, I did quite enjoy this February: I realise I didn’t do anything particular or special, but I still  managed to upload a video every week on my YouTube channel (although I didn’t get that many views) and also re-started posting on my website, which made me remember how much I like writing “articles” and posts.
I hope that March will be exactly like February…maybe slightly better.


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