Movember 2016

I’ve always wanted to get involved in some charity campaign…
Now I finally did!

This year  I decided that I wanted to get involved l7nlpzs5in some charitable project. Since it is the first time I collaborate properly with a charity, I thought growing  a beard or a moustache would be quite an “easy process” to start with.

So, my flatmate Rubab and I decided to join the Movember campaign to try raise money to sensitise the public opinion towards some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and poor mental health.

We are perfectly aware that we are not going to raise a considerable amount of money since we are just two normal university student, who do not have many followers on social medias and are cannot make a massive difference.

However, it is for a good cause and we think that even the smallest amount of money might still be useful and help this.

If anybody would like to be involved or donate even a small amount of money, you are very welcome to do so!

You can donate any amount of money either via my personal profile or using the group profile we set up.

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