I Moved Out & Away (Small Guide to Living Alone)

img_20160914_123802.jpg14th September 2016: I move out of home and to another country.

There are several milestones in the life of each of us: Birth, First Love, Marriage, Having Kids and eventually Death.
I think I might have just reached one of these important stages: Moving Out & Away.

In fact (as some of you may know) I am now attending university, but to make things a bit more interesting, I decided to not stay in my hometown, but to move to London.

I suppose everybody knows that moving out is one of those inevitable processes: sooner or later it has to be done, even though sometimes we do not expect to be moving out so soon.

That’s what happened to me.
Having a 25 year old brother, I was not expecting to be the first one to move out of my house. Let alone moving to another country.

I quite like living on my own and having my place, even though it is just a small en-suite bedroom with a shared kitchen, but there are a few things that make life more complicated.

  1. Time is always a problem: there seems to be never enough time to do absolutely anything. Every time you want to do something interesting, you always end up remembering stuff you have to do, like the washing up or groceries;
  2. Eating is a tough job: no matter how organised you are, you’ll always end up asking yourself “what am I going to cook for dinner?” and you will always end up choosing between one of the 6 recipes you used the week before. Basically you will have a 7 dishes menu for 7 days. Of course, this applies only if you already know the basics of cooking…;
  3. Your room is never as tidy as you want it to be: if you are lucky enough to have an en-suite room, you will probably feel like living in a hotel room, with the only difference that you have to make your bed, do your washing up  and tidy your room all by yourself. The only problem is that since you will be living there for at least an entire academic year, everything will always seem out-of-place and too big to fit in the room;
  4. Sometimes loneliness can knock at your door: sharing a flat with 5 other people has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that sometimes they might want to go home for the entire weekend and you end up living on your own in a  flat for 3 days. It might be quite boring since you have literally nobody to talk to and there is always the risk of falling into a sort of depressed loneliness, but luckily Netflix and Youtube are always good allies to fight this enemy.
  5. IKEA is a cruel mistress: it’s amazing how you step into this massive store, knowing that you only need some kitchen utensils, and you end up walking out with a wardrobe, a carpet, a plant, a sofa, a laundry basket and a greek statue created by some swedish designer. It becomes even more amazing when you realise you have to carry all the stuff you bought to your accommodation using only public transport


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