September has always been quite a traumatic month for everybody: kids go back to school, adults go back to work and Summer comes to an end. Also September has always been a synonym of changes

At the beginning of this summer, I said to myself that I would have no plan whatsoever as far as my holidays were concerned, which resulted in not going on holiday at all.

Instead I decided to live this summer day-by-day, doing exactly what I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to. So I did not go on proper holidays and I did not spend a week on a beach doing absolutely nothing, but on the other hand I went ziplining over Lake Maggiore, I turned a McDonald into an evening meeting point,  I drove almost 700 km in 6 days going 3 days in the Alps and 2 days in Genova with my friends and I also went on a few daily adventures with some friends.

I really tried to make this summer as special as possible since it is the only summer between the last day of high school and the first day of university and the last summer before I move to the UK to attend my university course.
Also, the fact that I wanted to enjoy this summer is also one of the reasons why I did not post anything on this website for a few months…

In these days I am realising what September will mean to me: not only a flight to London, but a leap into the unknown and the begin of an amazing adventure called adult life, characterised by responsibilities, grocery shopping, bills, laundries and daily lectures. Soon I will find myself living in a small room in London just like many other students like me, who have decided to move to another country to learn new stuff.

I am not scared about this leap, because it is something that everybody eventually has to go through, but I am just amazed by how young I am for this step and how there are people much older than me that still have not undergone such a change.

I guess that this mean I will have to become an adult much sooner than many other people, but I really hope this will not turn me into a boring or a less adventurous person, who only think about their future and not enjoy their present.





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