14 Hours In London


I have always been known for undertaking every single opportunity to travel…even flying to London for a few hours only.

Everybody knows that I love travelling, but nobody thought that I would have been so mad to catch a flight to attend an open day of a university. To be honest…it was an absolutely hectic day.

I went to bed at 2.20 am and woke up at 4.15 am after a two hours sleep. SunriseIt was February 17th. Although my brain was still asleep, I managed to get to the airport to catch the 6.30 flight to London. I always try not to sleep while I’m travelling, but this time I had to break my own rule and slept pretty much the whole flight. Luckily, I woke up just in time to see one of the most amazing sunrise I’ve ever seen (and probably the only one I have ever seen from a plane).


After the Stansted Express and the underground had taken me to Canada Water, I met with my cousin to have breakfast. After Canada Water Cafè‘s Breakfast had provided me with all the energy I needed, I went to City University of London, where I had booked a private visit of the campus.

Covent Garden
Covent Garden

An hour and a half later I took the Tube to Covent Garden

Street Players
Street Players

and, after a small purchase at the Moleskine Store,I walked to Leicester Square and had lunch at Five Guys. As I walked out I bumped into a couple of street players. They were probably a couple in real life too:just a boy, a girl and an acoustic guitar. I was astonished by their talent.

After a one-stop journey on the Tube, I arrived in Oxford Circus and began my search for Little Litchfield Street, where the Applicant Day of the University of Westminster was set.

Despite my tiredness for the super-busy day, the event was really interesting: after a presentation of the Uni itself, they took all the applicant students into a room and gave us an example of what the lessons would be like and the various ways in which students are taught different subjects. I also attended a tour of the University with other applicant students.



As the event finished, I went back to Liverpool Street Station and caught the Stansted Express to go back to the airport. I got to Gate 43 and boarded the plane, which left 35 minutes later than it was supposed to, due to “Aircraft’s Deicing Procedure”.

Since I hadn’t eaten anything for dinner, I decided to eat Lasagna on the plane itself. It had been a long time since I properly ate something on a plane ( I think the last time was during a Washington-London flight), but I have to admit that Ryanair dinner wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

As the plane landed, I said goodbye to a lovely couple with two children, who kept me company during the entire flight.I got in the car and arrived home at 12.30 am, not so ready to go to school the following day.

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