Stories of a Driving License Possessor


Not all the Driving License Possessors should be called Drivers…

I got my driving license in October and since then I have fallen in love with Driving.

I really like the idea of sitting behind a steering wheel and driving from A to B.
I guess it’s all about feeling independent and being able to go wherever I want without having to ask for a lift.

Unfortunately not all the Driving License Possessors(D.L.P.) can drive: there are those who do not acknowledge the existence of indicator or those who don’t know how roundabouts work. And sometimes it’s even worse than that.

Luckily most of the D.L.P. are sensible and still able to drive. Some of them have just minor faults, like driving without changing gears, or weird habits, like driving with the windows down even when it’s raining. But these are not main hazards, since they do not directly affect the driving style of a person.

I reckon I experienced the funniest moments in petrol stations. Every single time I had to fill up I encountered somebody who either didn’t know how the cash register worked, who had paid for the wrong petrol pump or, even funnier, who had parked the car with the fuel cap on the wrong side.

There are so many funny moments that I think I might be able to write an entire book about these by the end of my twenties. And that is also why I think I will probably start a new series on this blog all about driving experiences.

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