Let’s begin with Resolutions


5 days into 2016 and I still haven’t wrote my New Year’s Resolutions…

Well…better late than never.
To be honest, this is the first year in which I’ve decided to pick proper resolutions.

  1. Post on this website at least twice a month: I admit that sometimes I was too busy to post anything, but I also admit that sometimes I was just lazy;
  2. Upload content on my YouTube channel more often: video making is something I really enjoy and it’s been a long time since I uploaded a video;
  3. Read more books: I love reading, but unfortunately I never seem to find time to do it;
  4. Stay fit: I’m too skinny and there are no excuses to not work out;
  5. Finish high school with good grades: if I don’t make it, I’ll never be able to enter a university in the UK;
  6. Be more self confident: sometimes I find myself struggling with my self-confidence and I don’t like it;
  7. Fight against depression: last year I had quite a few hard times and I wouldn’t like to repeat the experience;
  8. Try to be more patient: I always try to be patient with everybody, but sometimes I just can’t help loosing my temper;
  9. Be kinder with those who deserve it: I spent last year trying to be kind with everybody and helping those who had any kind of difficulties, but I reckon that some people took advantage of my kindness…;
  10. Appreciate what I’ve got: Sometimes the small things are the ones that make us happier;


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