2015:Final Act

-Ph. Megan-

So…another year has come to an end.

This wasn’t quite an ordinary year.
To be completely honest, it has been shocking:both from the positive and the negative side.


It has been incredibly positive because it brought me loads of opportunities and new experiences.

I was able to celebrate my 18th birthday in London. And it was quite magic for a few reasons…

I saw Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II entering Buckingham Palace after the opening of Canada House, I had my birthday lunch at Five Guys while the radio was playing Eric Clapton’s Layla(which is one of my favourite song) and since it was my birthday,but I hadn’t organised any party, my cousins bought me a slice of cheesecake with a candle after dinner.

I landed from my birthday trip at 1 AM, went home, showered and by 4 AM, I was in the exact same airport to catch a plane to go to Berlin.
I spent six days walking around Berlin with my classmates in the freezing cold February weather.

On June I had the amazing opportunity to go to Pisa for a week to attend an interpretation course(which was entirely in English).
I met some amazing people and made loads of new friends visiting the monuments and going out every night.

I spent two weeks in Alicante in July, where I had amazing adventures every single day with an awesome group of people. Every day consisted mainly in a spanish course, sunbathing, eating, laughing and just a few hours sleep. Every single moment was unique and I still believe it has been the best holidays I have ever had.

Then I went to London in September to collect prospectuses from various universities. During that trip, I found myself running in a suit at 3 AM to catch a night bus, after having spent the previous 5 hours dancing in a salsa club.

In October I took part in an award ceremony in Venice. I spent almost 12 hours wearing my dinner suit. It was an unbelievably posh weekend, where I also attended the morning flood.


As far as the emotional sphere is concerned, it has been a terrible year.
There has been a lot of stress, lack of self-confidence and depression, which was caused by many different situations, such as falling in love…twice.
Luckily I managed to get through those hard times almost easily.

However, let’s not focus on the negative side of 2015.

After all these words, the only thing I want to say to each one of you is that I wish you a Happy New Year, hoping that it will be even better than the one, which is about to end.

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