Posh Weekend In Venice

Gondola in Venice

Surprisingly I wasn’t as conspicuous as I had feared: just an eighteen year-old teenager walking around Venice in a dinner jacket at 2 pm.

Check out the video of this adventure!

A lot of people say that the hardest thing about travelling is having to wake up really early.
Personally I have never found it a big problem because I don’t need that much sleep to feel fine.

That’s why I was already up at 6.15 am on Friday 23rd October, ready to go to the train station to catch the 8:35 train to Venice. After a quick breakfast, I went to the second class carriage and took my seat.

After a two and a half hour journey, I finally arrived in Venice and,after a 15 minutes walk between canals and over several bridges, got to the hotel.Dinner Jacket

Then I realized I had about an hour to unpack, wear my dinner jacket and get to Piazza San Marco(St. Mark’s Square).
Surprisingly I wasn’t as conspicuous as I had feared: just an eighteen year-old teenager walking around Venice in a dinner jacket at 2 pm.

Anyway…I got to Piazza San Marco and couldn’t help admiring it for quite a bit. After a brief contemplation, I crossed the square and arrived at the Vaporetto Station.

  • Vaporetto
    noun(plural vaporettiˌvapəˈrɛti or vaporettos)
    (In Venice) a canal boat (originally a steamboat, now a motor boat) used for public transport

I got off of the Vaporetto at the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, where I was supposed to attend an award ceremony, which lasted a few hours.

At 6 pm I got on a Motorboat-Taxi, which took me and the other participants to Pisani Moretti Palace where we attended a cocktail party.

Then we attended a classical music Concert played by a violin-piano duo composed by the incredibly talented Anastasiya Petryshak(violinist) and Lorenzo Meo(pianist).
After the amazing concert, we had dinner in the Palace in a hall lightened only by candles.
Streets of Venice

The magic evening eventually came to an end and I found myself walking around Venice in the middle of the night, trying to find a way back to my hotel. I also bumped into a rat, which was running along the side of the canal.

On the next day, I woke up early (…again) and decided to have a shower in the technological hotel shower (which also had massaging water jets).

After an energetic breakfast, I went again to Piazza San Marco (this time in informal clothes and not in my dinner suit).

The square looked incredibly different for two main reasons:

  1. I had plenty of time to admire it;
  2. I found boardwalks everywhere since the place was actually flooded;

Flood In Piazza San marco

The flood(which happens two times a day) made everything more beautiful and, at the same time, more chaotic. Luckily I was told that the reflection of Piazza San Marco in its own water is one of the Italian Wonders.


After admiring the unique scene, I began my walk around Venice taking pictures and admiring other tourists queuing on the boardwalk or walking in the flood with rain boots.

I then found myself wandering through the tiny streets of Venice (the smallest one in the whole town measures 53 cm widthways) looking for a restaurant.


After lunch I collected my bag from the hotel and went to Canal Grande before heading to the train station and catch a train home.

Gondolier River-Sign
Typical Gondolier River-Sign
St. Mark's Basilica
Basilica di San Marco(St.Mark’s Basilica)
A porch in St. Mark's Square
A porch in St.Mark’s Square
St. Mark's Square
View of St.Mark’s Square

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