Flying in Alitalia Pavillion

Flight Simulatori Ticket

Flying an airplane is something that has always been on my Bucket List.

When I was volunteering at Expo, I had many opportunities of visiting different pavillions. By the end of my “Volunteering Experience”, I had visited pretty much all the pavillions representing a country.

But as soon as I discovered that the Alitalia/Etihad Pavillion had flight simulators, I decided to spend most of my spare time in there.

Alitalia/Etihad Pavillion
Alitalia/Etihad Pavillion
There were two professional flight simulators:
-a “small” one, which simulated a light aircraft-flight experience;
-a huge one, which perfectly reproduced the cockpit of an airliner;

I tried the first one two times, in order to get ready to put my name down for a proper flight simulation in the “big one”. Even if the list was unbelievably long, I managed to get a reservation for the 29th September at 6.05 pm.

The cockpit had even more buttons, knobs and levers than I remembered...
The Flight Simulato Cockpit:it had even more buttons,, knobs and levers than I remembered…
And the day came when I sat in the cockpit next to an actual pilot and began maneuvering a virtual aircraft on the airstrip ready to take off.

The most critical parts were take off and landing, but because they were so critical, they were also the most exciting ones and the ones which required much more attention and involvement.

The Flight Simulator Center Pin
The Flight Simulator Center Pin
The most amazing thing was that the simulator was so sensitive that it actually felt like flying a Boing 737.
I think I did pretty well, even if it was only a 15 minutes flight. At least I didn’t crash the plane.

At the end of this short, but amazing experience, I was given a pin of the Flight Simulator Center as a memento of my first time as a (virtual) Co-pilot.

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