Late Night

It’s nearly 3 o’clock in the morning and I’m still awake.

I have always wondered why I am one of those people who can be really productive at night rather than during the day.
I become way more interesting when everybody else is asleep.

If I have to work on my laptop,I usually do it throughout the night because it is an activity which does not require daylight,so I can still be very productive not disturbing anybody else in the house.

Most of the people would be scandalised by finding out how many hours do I sleep per night,but to be honest I am not one of those “sleepy person”.
I just need a few hours of good sleep and I am ready for another day.

In fact,even if I do really like oversleeping,I tend to avoid it because I consider it a waste of time,which could be spent doing something else like visiting new places or meeting new people.
Don’t sleep,live your life!


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