Life is made of opportunities. Learning a new language,travelling around the world,eating new types of food,meeting new people,learning through experience… These are all examples of what life should be made of.

I like to think that this is not our only life,but I also think that no life should be wasted.
It is useless to sit in a room just waiting for something to happen,because everything happens for a reason,but we have to create that reason.
If we show life that we want to live it properly,it will pay us with loads of opportunities and each of them will be unique.

We come into this world,we grow up experiencing and gaining knowledge and then we leave,hoping to be remembered for something we have done while we were there.

Considering that we live only once(or at least we live one life only once),we always try to experience as much as we can in the first half of our life,so that when we are old we could just lay back and remember those great experiences.
We try to take each opportunity in order to make our life interesting and meaningful before we “kick the bucket”.

But what if this is not our only life?
What if no life come to an end until a higher somebody or something realizes that we actually have lived it full,having no regrets?

Maybe we are given the possibility to live multiple lives until we experience everything,in order to be satisfied when we get to the “eternal happy place”.
Will this unknown entity allow us to live more than one life to fulfill all our desires and all our ambitions,which we weren’t able to accomplish in our first life?
Or maybe it is just an infinite circle in which we die and live another life in another way?

The only thing which I know for sure is that every single life is unique and must be lived hard as if you were to die in 4 hours.


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