Students’ May Day(s)

April is coming to an end and May is on its way.

This doesn’t seem like a big problem,because nobody really thinks about months. Only a few people care about months:

Now,since I am not really into farming or time travelling(the only time-travellers I have ever heard of are Marty McFly and Doctor Who),I guess I have to explain why students are so worried about May.

Let’s imagine an ordinary student which has been working non-stop for almost 9 months(September to May). This means 270 days,in which his daily routine consisted in waking up every day at 6.30 AM,going to school,staying there for 6 to 8 hours and then getting home to study or do any homework. Let’s add anxiety and stress caused by the attempts of not failing any test.
The only problem is that even if you have quite a “strong mentality”,which prevents you from panic attacks and nervous breakdowns(like I do),it’s quite impossible to stand this sort of routine for more than 8 months.
As a consequence,the 9th month become a real nightmare because you have to deal with an incredible amount of tests and examinations using what is remaining of your tired and stressed brain.
In this situation,the odds of failing a few of those tests are pretty high and so an average student puts his grade point average in a critical situation after a long period of struggle.

This is unfair,because it means that the final grade of a person would rely entirely on the last examinations of the year,making all the efforts of the previous 8 months pointless.

I found it really hard to carry on working after a long period and it is becoming easier and easier to lose concentration. The only way to survive is to stay calm and to use every bit of energy left inside our mind to get us through these hard times.
The only question is:will it be enough?
The answer could be “No”,but at least you would have a leg to stand on.


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